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Hosier Engineering Consulting Ltd was formed in April 2005 from the Consulting Division of Hosier System (International) Ltd and still retains strong links with the coatings and drying activities of that company.

Hosier Engineering Consulting Ltd can offer you a wide range of consultancy services in the broad field of Mechanical Engineering and its related topics.

Expertise and experience available includes:

Technical Specialisms

  • The performance and lifetime assessment of elastomeric seals in high pressure and temperature environments and transients.
  • Metallic seals.
  • Tribology of unlubricated surfaces (fretting, fretting fatigue and friction).
  • Protective and non-slip coatings and their application.
  • Structural integrity issues related to pressurised plant, including leak before break arguments and supporting flow rate calculations.
  • Fluid flow in narrow passages.
  • Seismic assessments of plant and pipework (including knowledge of SQUG and US DoE procedures) including fragility assessments.
  • Failure investigations.
  • Nuclear safety case authorship.
  • Independent assessments and reviews.

General Management & Bespoke Engineering

  • Critical research reviews to identify shortfalls and opportunities. Production of supporting reports.
  • Design, manufacture and procurement of equipment etc for specialist purposes.
  • Packaging and shipping expertise for specialist products.

Published Papers include:

You might also be interested in the following reports available on the Coatings page of the Hosier Systems site.

Major Clients to date have included:

  • ABS Consulting
  • BNFL Magnox Generation
  • British Gas
  • Bristol University
  • British Energy
  • Guyana Sugar Corporation
  • Hydro Automotive Structures UK Ltd.
  • London Taxis International
  • Oxford Plastics Ltd
  • Raytheon Systems Ltd
  • Unipart
  • W S Atkins

Want To Know More?

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